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Beth Casteel

Beth Casteel, Senior Counselor, brings strong writing skills and a keen sense of what journalists want to all her client work. Previously, she was a reporter for The Associated Press and communications director for several medical societies.

Matchmaking: A TRG Approach to Getting Media Coverage

November 30, 2023
When people ask me what I do, I sometimes say I’m a matchmaker — but not the romantic kind. I match our clients’ needs and narratives with the needs of journalists to bring attention to the organizations’ expertise, accomplishments and issues. In the jargon of public relations, I specialize in earned media. To be an […]

Banishing the Wooden Lead: Three Ways to Make PR Writing More Engaging

March 2, 2023
One of the worst sins when I was in journalism school was to write a “wooden lead.” The grizzled—or should I say seasoned—editors who taught newswriting and editing at the University of Oklahoma would scowl at empty words at the top of a news story, crossing out one, two or even three dull opening paragraphs, […]

Deploying an Unexpectedly Powerful Tool in Public Relations: Empathy

January 12, 2022
Public relations and communications professionals have many skills in our toolboxes that we develop and refine over our careers. One of the most important—and one of the least discussed—is the power of empathy. It could be called a skill sharpener because it can make every other tool we deploy more effective. Seeing the world from […]

Be Your Own — and Your Team’s — Best Editor: Six Tips for Editing Like A Pro

April 26, 2021
This article also appeared in Bulldog Reporter. Everyone needs an editor. In our world of public relations, everyone is a writer and an editor at some point. Here are some tips for being a better editor, whether you are reviewing the work of a colleague or giving your own first draft one last look: Read […]

Elephants vs Mosquitos: Which Approach to Media Outreach Gets Results

September 16, 2020
A popular theory of evolution serves as a good analogy for approaches to media pitching, whether we are promoting scientific research or increasing awareness of a health issue. In biology, organisms are classified according to the evolutionary “strategies” they use for reproduction and long-term survival of the species. Humans and elephants are known as “K-selected” […]

There’s No “I” in Team, but “Client” Belongs in Great Teamwork

July 21, 2020
One of the pleasures of working for a boutique health care public relations agency is the teamwork that is possible or, in my view, required, to do top-notch work for our clients. The Reis Group has small teams dedicated to each of our clients, but we readily reach outside assigned teams to tap the strengths […]

Ethical and Accurate Science Promotion: Lessons from COVID-19 and Hydroxychloroquine

May 7, 2020
This article previously appeared in PRSA-NCC  : The Guardian recently published an article on how the lupus drug hydroxychloroquine came to be touted as a “miracle cure” for COVID-19. This story is a must-read for any of us in public relations involved in promoting medical research. The article traces the beginnings of the hype of […]

The Bicycle Connection: Focus on the Top

April 16, 2019
I ride my bike to work as often as the weather, my schedule and daylight will allow. After Daylight Savings Time this spring, I found my first opportunity since Thanksgiving to ride the 10 miles from my home in Virginia to The Reis Group’s office in Washington’s Dupont Circle. The ride home is particularly challenging. […]

Three Secrets to Successful Media Pitches

June 26, 2018
It’s easy to see why some communications professionals dread the task of pitching ideas to the media. Reporters can be brusk and impatient and often ignore emails, especially when they’re caught on deadline or being pressed to cover a story that’s clearly not in their wheelhouse. The PR pros who love pitching have a secret: […]