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Peter Perl

Peter Perl, Senior Counselor, brings 32 years of experience as an award-winning journalist with The Washington Post, and currently serves as the firm’s chief editor to ensure writing is clear and impactful.

From Journalism to Health Care PR: Transforming Lives Through Communications

November 15, 2023
If anyone had ever told me that after my 40-year career in journalism I would spend a 5th decade working in health care public relations, I would have been highly skeptical. For one thing, that would mean living into my 70s (!!) which was never certain. But even more unlikely was the idea that Peter […]

Think Like a Thought Leader

April 2, 2020
Our high-speed, media-saturated digital world sometimes feels like a dense, dark jungle with huge shadowy trees and thick tangled vines that block out most of the sunlight and leave us in darkness. Our job in health care public relations is to shine a light to cut through this darkness on behalf of our clients and […]

Five Basic Tips for Writing Better News Releases

May 9, 2019
The primary goal in much of our work is to get our clients’ stories out there to the general public in a way that explains and promotes their best efforts. I worked in the media for 40 years, including 33 years at The Washington Post, and over the course of my reporting and editing career […]

Long Live the MSM!

April 18, 2017
The conventional wisdom of the digital age long ago declared that nobody really pays attention anymore to the mainstream media…that mainstream media had become irrelevant…that the MSM was dead! But as the great Mark Twain said after a newspaper erroneously reported that he had died while touring Europe: “The reports of my death have been […]

Write Like You Talk — and 5 Other Unorthodox Writing Tips

October 12, 2016
Clients hire PR firms to tell their stories.  Accurately. Interestingly. Powerfully. It’s not easy work, so that’s why they pay someone else to do it. To be successful, PR professionals can’t just go through the motions. With each project, we must tell stories in a compelling enough way to attract the attention of key audiences, […]