Healthcare Communications Campaign Strategy

We are passionate about our clients’ issues and believe in the power of communications to transform lives. We consistently rely on four critical steps when developing effective healthcare communications campaigns:

1. Planning and Strategy Development

Before launching any program, we develop a public relations framework that outlines our client’s goals, communications objectives, target audiences, critical dynamics to consider, and supporting strategies. From scientific meetings to rebranding an organization, each step of the process is carefully considered so that we are poised to meet and exceed our clients’ goals.

2. Developing and Pre-testing Concepts, Messages, and Materials 

Once our framework is established, we get started on assessing the current positioning, messaging, and materials, and determine what language works and what needs refining. This may include a media audit, social audit, competitor analysis, and more. We delve deep to examine the efforts currently underway, as well as scan the competitive environment to help shape our recommendations.

We then set out on an critical step in the process: understanding our client’s target audiences: what they currently believe and understand, the perceived barriers to changing those beliefs and attitudes, how to best motivate them to action, and what communications channels and messengers they view as credible. Our work is grounded in research – whether conducted through a research partner or our own team of subject-matter experts – we gather key insights that are used for messaging and materials development, testing, and refinement. These activities give us the insight that informs thoughtful, targeted communications campaigns.

3. Implementing the Program

Launching a campaign is an opportunity to create a spike in interest and gain momentum. A successful launch event will actively engage audiences, successfully position the organization, and make an impact on the healthcare industry. It will include several components, such as: earned media, social media, digital outreach, thought leadership, community engagement and more. These activities are what drive impact and results.

4. Addressing Effectiveness and Making Refinements

Our goal is to exceed your expectations with metrics that matter. As the world of media continues to evolve, so do the ways we quantify our success. Tracking media impressions and measuring engagements simply isn’t enough. Our campaign goals need to tie directly to your organization’s goals. We define and review metrics up front, as well as establish the right benchmarks to ensure we are making refinements throughout the process.

For more information on all of the ways we can help you create your healthcare communications strategy and reach your goals for your campaign, visit our communications strategy page, email us or complete the form here. We’d love to learn more about your organization and how we can help you reach achieve your communications goals.