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Firm Culture

Want to get to know us better? Read our passionate perspectives on the latest communications trends, health care issues, workplace challenges and life goals.

Asking the Magic 8 Ball to Predict the Future of Health Care PR

June 1, 2024
As we mark our eighth year as The Reis Group, I am excited about all the new paths we are charting. I thought I would mark this eighth anniversary by seeking additional insights about the coming trends in health care PR by consulting with The Official Reis Group Magic 8 Ball. After all, I started […]

How I get it done – finding balance and managing time as a working mom

February 15, 2024
I recently returned to The Reis Group after maternity leave. As a mother of three kids under the age of five and a Managing Supervisor at TRG, I juggle many roles in my personal and professional life. As I’ve transitioned back to work, I’ve been reflecting on how we get it all done, as PR […]

Being a Conscious Leader in Today’s PR Landscape

February 2, 2024
As a GenZ-er early in my PR career, I am in the process of being transitioned into a role as an account manager. It’s a challenging and exciting prospect to begin to find my own voice and develop my own approach to management. With the support of my managers at The Reis Group, I decided […]

No Two Career Paths Are the Same

January 19, 2024
This article also appeared in PRSA National Capital Chapter’s blog.  I am honored to have recently been inducted into the PRSA National Capital Chapter’s Hall of Fame alongside some of the finest PR professionals in the country. I am so grateful to work in a field that I love, to have a job that is […]

Sharon Reis inducted into National Capital Public Relations Hall of Fame

December 20, 2023
On Tuesday, December 12, 2023, Sharon Reis was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Public Relations Society of America’s National Capital Chapter. Sharon was honored for her dedication to health, health care and social issues, including her work on campaigns to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, raise awareness of colorectal cancer, fight COVID-19 and promote […]

From Journalism to Health Care PR: Transforming Lives Through Communications

November 15, 2023
If anyone had ever told me that after my 40-year career in journalism I would spend a 5th decade working in health care public relations, I would have been highly skeptical. For one thing, that would mean living into my 70s (!!) which was never certain. But even more unlikely was the idea that Peter […]

Managing and Mentoring the Next Generation of Health Care Public Relations Professionals

October 18, 2023
COVID-19 has turned our workplaces upside-down, creating a remote/hybrid office environment that has changed when and where we come to work. At The Reis Group, we have also come to fully realize that we must also change how we work with each other. In our case, TRG has converted to a Tuesday-Wednesday in-office schedule, with […]

Building the Hybrid Office of the Future—Today

October 5, 2023
How to maintain a vibrant culture, build a bond with team members and foster productivity in today’s new work environment. This article also appeared in O’Dwyer’s health care issue. The way we work has completely changed. People who have spent their careers commuting to the office five days a week now greatly value the freedom […]

5 Tips for Growing into Your New Role at Work

September 13, 2023
After graduating college and starting my first full-time salaried position last May, I was excited to learn the ins and outs of health care public relations. My managers and peers have truly taken me under their wing, and everyone has been an amazing mentor and resource. On top of that, we frequently hold office-wide professional […]

Four considerations to integrate AI into your health care PR practices

July 12, 2023
For the public relations industry, as for nearly every sector right now, artificial intelligence remains largely an unknown. AI’s ethical use is hotly debated. Its capability to accelerate our work is unmatched. Yet none of us can fully comprehend the impact it will have on health care PR practices or on health care overall. In […]