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A Clearer Path Forward for 2021

Sharon Reis   February 8, 2021  

Kindness. Recovery. Brightness. These are some of the words my colleagues used during a recent Zoom meeting to describe their hopes and expectations for 2021. Several shared news of a friend’s pregnancy, an engagement, a pleasant family milestone, or possible vacation. Their energy and optimism reminded me that despite the pain and chaos of the past year, there are nonetheless many reasons to feel grateful, particularly for the health, safety, and job stability of our team.

The ongoing development of new vaccines and the adoption of more serious mask mandates are our new lights at the end of the tunnel. The nationwide innovation that has occurred by collaborating across sectors to develop multiple COVID-19 vaccines is truly inspiring and has shone a light on what is possible when we find ways to work together in our collective best interests.

In health care PR, we have turned our attention to building vaccine confidence and promoting the science behind it. These campaigns are crucial to our nation’s revival. The personal toll of pandemic loss and confinement has also focused new attention on the importance of behavioral and mental health, including the expansion of telehealth. I am encouraged, too, by the renewed focus and wider acceptance of the power of the mind-body connection in achieving health and well-being. On Instagram, I’ve started following Happify and wanted to share one of their recent posts, “Three Things to Notice Daily:” What energizes you? What are you grateful for? What’s not working, and why? I have found that pausing to take the time to identify and focus on these three things has made a difference in my daily well-being.

Finally, I am particularly grateful for our team of amazing health care PR experts. Through our regular Zoom calls, we have maintained and built even stronger connections. We have supported and shared with each other when we’ve been challenged in so many unexpected ways. As the path forward becomes clearer every day, we are hopeful of getting vaccines before the fall, seeing those new babies, attending those weddings, and enjoying a renewed sense of well-being.

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