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Asking the Magic 8 Ball to Predict the Future of Health Care PR

Sharon Reis   June 1, 2024  
Magic 8 Ball that says, "Absolutely."

As we mark our eighth year as The Reis Group, I am excited about all the new paths we are charting. I thought I would mark this eighth anniversary by seeking additional insights about the coming trends in health care PR by consulting with The Official Reis Group Magic 8 Ball. After all, I started my PR career in the toy industry, so why not resurrect the old game we played when I was actually an eight-year-old?

  1. Will Artificial Intelligence streamline business practices and make us more efficient and productive for our clients?

Magic 8 Ball Answer: It is decidedly so.

We are seeing how AI is already helping us conduct background research, translate meeting conversations and fuel brainstorms. This is a trend we are actively watching, experimenting with and making policies to guide its future use.


  1. Should we evolve our business model and focus more on client outcomes?

Magic 8 Ball Answer: Yes, definitely.

More than ever, our agency is focused on outcomes. We’re always considering how health care PR can help health systems, medical societies, nonprofits, associations, and research institutes achieve their business goals and further their missions by increasing visibility, changing conversations and bolstering reputations.


  1. Will the focus on whole person health grow exponentially?

Magic 8 Ball Answer: What do you mean? Concentrate and ask again.


  1. As our nation grapples with the high cost of health care and the ongoing tragedy of people dying from diseases of despair such as depression, alcoholism and drug addiction, how will the relationship between clinicians and patients start to change to improve health outcomes?

Magic 8 Ball Answer: Cannot predict that now.

Health care providers and payers are coming to understand that health is so much more than simply physical illness or the absence of disease. They are focusing more on Whole Health, which is the interconnection among mind, body, spirit and community, and how those factors come together to create health and well-being. This means that instead of doctors just asking patients, “What’s the matter with you?” they will instead be asking, “What really matters to you?”


  1. What about the role of the media? Will the news media stop shrinking?

Magic 8 Ball Answer: Outlook not so good.

Earned media is an essential and vital channel for generating important coverage of the evolving world of health and health care. Now more than ever, our democracy needs high-quality journalism to communicate accurate, unbiased information to audiences around the world.


  1. What will happen with the presidential election this fall?

Magic 8 Ball Answer: Better not tell you now.

Time Magazine has said that 2024 is not just an election year, it is the election year. Sixty-four countries are holding elections this year and the impact will be tremendous. In the U.S., so much is at stake. All I can say on this is, remember to vote.


  1. Will we ever return to the office full time?

Magic 8 Ball Answer: My sources say no.

We shrunk our office space last year to match the new reality of a hybrid workforce that is spending only two days a week in the office. I am thrilled to say that it’s working quite well. Casual conversations among colleagues remain a really important part of creating a strong, vibrant team. I love being together in the office for two days a week and also saving my commute time the other three days.


  1. Will potential new hires still flock to TRG for our amazing mentoring and training program?

Magic 8 Ball Answer: You may rely on it.

It is deeply important for me to enjoy what I do and have fun doing it. When we opened our doors eight years ago, I said something that I hold close to my heart: “To give it my best – to really make it shine – I need to work with the best people; people who share my values and my commitment to excellence. I must work in a culture of support, in which our team members see that a major part of our work is to build each other up and help each other succeed.” I look forward to continuing to make that a reality at TRG for many years to come.

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