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Politically Speaking: What Can A Good Speech Teach Us?

July 27, 2016
Whether you are a political junky live-streaming convention coverage all day or just a casual observer catching up via morning-digest emails, it’s worth the effort for PR pros and business leaders to study what makes a political speech effective. Political figures have the advantages of teams of writers, voice coaches, teleprompters, and hours of practice, […]

Preparing Your Spokesperson for Media Interviews

July 20, 2016
An important element to an impactful news story is the human element which is why more and more reporters are incorporating the experiences of a spokesperson to enhance their story. While a subject matter expert voice is important and helps to provide important information and create credibility, a consumer spokesperson’s first-hand experience can help a story […]

Measurement Tactics: Improving Messaging & Engagement

July 8, 2016
In a crowded online space, social media posts require targeted messaging and visuals to reach and engage your desired audience.  In order to gain traction with consumers, brands must understand what motivates and influences them, and produce content that is helpful and relatable. By utilizing measurement tools, brands can get a better sense of what […]

Five Tips for Being Pitch Perfect

June 16, 2016
Below is an excerpt of an article originally published on PR News. Read the full article on PR News. Great stories—about medical breakthroughs, heroic acts by children, emerging infectious diseases—are relegated to the trash bin, while “Grumpy Cat” is featured on national evening news. There are plenty of reasons this happens. Newsrooms are shrinking. Reporters […]

Charting a New Course

June 1, 2016
My entire team and I are charting a new course and launching a new public relations agency that fosters creativity and growth while balancing fun and flexibility. We come to work every day driven by our passion for working on meaningful issues and making a difference. Opening The Reis Group has been met with excitement […]