Banner Alzheimer’s Institute

Recruiting Alzheimer’s Research Participants Through Facebook Campaigns

The Challenge

The fight against Alzheimer’s disease is being slowed by limited participation in clinical trials for new treatments and drugs. Right now, 80% of studies are delayed because too few people sign up to participate. Banner Alzheimer’s Institute engaged The Reis Group to help grow its Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry (APR), an online community that looks to connect people with available research opportunities in their area.

Our Approach

The Reis Group developed targeted, time-limited Facebook campaigns to expand the reach of APR and engage potential new members. For World Alzheimer’s Day (WAD) on September 21, the team launched a campaign to highlight the global need to support Alzheimer’s research around a well-known health observance.

We encouraged our current followers to serve as champions for Alzheimer’s awareness as a way to engage a new group, specifically people ages 30+, who have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease and/or an interest in Alzheimer’s research. The campaign focused heavily around Facebook, since our target audience consumes health and Alzheimer’s information on this platform.

To expand the reach of APR among people age 30+ during the month leading up to WAD, we:

  • Developed shareable, visually engaging content, including images, graphics, and quotes to promote WAD
  • Inspired our Facebook community to share what they hope other’s will learn about Alzheimer’s disease for WAD
  • Utilized above responses to develop an article on The Mighty, an online community, helping to expand our digital reach
  • Organized and implemented a livestreamed interview with a world-renowned Alzheimer’s researcher through Facebook Live on WAD
  • Boosted content to broaden our community and grow APR’s Facebook following
  • Utilized an established hashtag to tie each post to the conversation around the observance day
  • Created opportunities for members of the community to interact with BAI leaders through an “Ask the Expert” video series


The Results

The World Alzheimer’s Day campaign garnered 9,122 social engagements and contributed to 1,533 Registry sign-ups in the month surrounding WAD. The Facebook Live interview attracted 7,259 unique viewers, 600 engagements and 30 comments during the event.