Evidence-based Care

Promoting the use of evidence-based care

Society of Clinical Child & Adolescent PsychologySociety of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (SCCAP) hired our team to help them educate parents and caregivers about the significant value of evidence-based care and the crucial role that clinical child and adolescent psychologists play in treating mental illnesses. SCCAP believes it is important to provide parents with updated information on the most effective forms of treatment because research shows that not all therapies and medications are equally effective for all behavioral and mental health conditions.

We began by conducting message testing with members, as well as pediatricians who often refer children to mental health professionals, to refine the way the Society talks about children’s behavioral health needs. To advance the awareness of available treatment choices and the role that clinical child and adolescent psychologists can play in helping children and families, we are working with the Society to promote new research on evidence-based psychosocial treatments, assessments, and prevention methods. We are also enhancing SCCAP’s digital footprint through redesigned websites, as well as improved SEO and social platforms, all to disseminate information that will help parents make informed decisions about their child’s mental health care.