Healthcare Workforce

Addressing a range of systemic changes in healthcare

Future of Nursing IOMAs Americans wrestled with fundamental reforms to healthcare, our team spearheaded a nationwide campaign to provide information, insight, and guidance on the future role of nursing in the delivery of that care. The cornerstone of this initiative was the transformational 2010 report on the future of nursing from the Institute of Medicine (now the National Academies of Medicine).

As a contractor to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and working closely with the IOM’s program, communications, and media staffs, we were responsible for media and stakeholder outreach of the IOM report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, and the subsequent RWJF-IOM collaborative Initiative on the Future of Nursing. The IOM Committee, led by former Health and Human Services Secretary Donna E. Shalala, was tasked with defining a clear agenda and blueprint for action, including changes in public and institutional policies at the national, state, and local levels, and with developing recommendations addressing a range of systemic changes to the American healthcare system.

The report remains the most downloaded NAM study of all time.

child life councilThe Child Life Council is a professional association serving the community of Certified Child Life Specialists, child life assistants, faculty and students by providing research, education, training, and networking opportunities. The Council engaged our team to help rebrand both the organization and its certification program amidst the changing healthcare environment and the need to position certified child life specialists as valued members of the healthcare team.

We followed a strategic communications process to create new messaging around the profession and the organization. The effort began with an analysis of member materials and research, followed by a series of in-depth interviews with both internal and external audiences. We facilitated conversations around changing the organization’s name from Child Life Council to the Association of Child Life Professionals to better describe what the organization does and better reflect its membership. To ensure the brand was meeting the needs of staff and members, we created brand promises and creative briefs for both the Council and its certification program, then obtained reactions from key thought leaders. The new name, messaging and positioning was communicated through a new logo, website and member materials.