Infectious Diseases

Promoting research that informs health care policy

Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of AmericaThe Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America wanted to be known as the organization whose members conduct groundbreaking research to inform health care policy. To achieve that goal, SHEA tapped our team to develop a national media program that would be grounded in science promotion and focus on highlighting articles in their monthly peer-reviewed journal, Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology.

We promote more than 20 studies each year. This success has been evident in the creation of literally thousands of news articles drawing attention to the importance of infection control and the work of epidemiologists. This increased visibility has driven the journal’s most recent raised impact factor of 4.02, its highest ever. Additionally, ICHE now ranks 16th out of 69 journals in the Infectious Diseases category, and 13th out of 158 journals in the Public, Environmental, and Occupational Health category.