Patient Safety

Engaging leaders to solve a problem and launching a national patient care program

society to improve diagnosis in medicineThe Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) charged our team with raising awareness about the need to improve diagnosis and engage healthcare professionals, educators, public officials, and patients in the cause.

The Reis Group collaborated with SIDM to do two things: create a new and growing advocacy group called the Coalition to Improve Diagnosis, and design and execute a broad national media effort promoting the release of the landmark report, Improving Diagnosis in Health Care, by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. The goal was to widely promote the new report and engage healthcare leaders to implement the recommendations.

We began with research to understand the opportunities and challenges with engaging influential stakeholders. From those findings, we developed positioning, content, and outreach recommendations. The high-profile exposure has sparked a national conversation about the need to improve diagnosis and has motivated dozens of additional stakeholder organizations to inquire about partnership opportunities to help drive action with the Coalition.

gordon betty moore foundation

Every year, some 98,000 patients die at U.S. hospitals due to preventable medical harms, with over half of all patients reporting a loss of dignity and respect when interacting with the healthcare system. Such inefficiencies prompted the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to pursue an enduring national commitment to eliminating preventable harms and improving patient safety beginning in the ICU.

We organized the launch of the newly-created Patient Care Program (now called Health Care), which seeks the meaningful engagement of patients and families in their care, within a supportive and redesigned healthcare delivery system. Our goals for this event were to: (1) introduce the new program as distinct for its focus on patient family engagement within a supportive healthcare system, and (2) position the foundation as a leader in the healthcare arena among longstanding champions in the field.

As part of our national launch strategy, we held a briefing and panel discussion in Washington, D.C. in August 2012, just before the final media onslaught of the presidential election. We leveraged our client relationships in health and healthcare to arrange a panel of industry thought-leaders to discuss the importance of a reconfigured healthcare delivery system and how the foundation would build on current efforts in the field.