Pediatric Care

Orchestrating national news coverage

NemoursWhen a surgical team from Nemours Children’s Health System began planning for the separation of conjoined twins, our team quickly initiated its parallel planning for a national media campaign to highlight Nemours’ expertise in the multifaceted complexity of juggling the complications of delicate infant surgery and the challenge of managing family relations. The critical nature of the operation left the timeline in flux and required the team to plan for unforeseen contingencies and potentially devastating scenarios.

Prior to the surgery, our team oversaw all messaging and materials development. Once those elements were solidified, the team led media training for the three surgical leaders to ensure that important messages on the surgery and subsequent technical care for the twins came through, in addition to the human-interest angle. After determining prime media targets for national coverage and ensuring the twins were healthy following surgery, we began soft-pitching the embargoed story and secured confirmation from leading national and local outlets. These select journalists were granted special access to the surgical team, videos, photos, and family interviews prior to the embargo date.

Working with Nemours, in collaboration with Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla. and a team from the University of Florida’s College of Medicine, we ensured that each partner carved out messages and positioned experts in the most effective way to draw attention to their own strengths and support the overall storyline.