Value-Based Care

Raising an already-impressive national profile

advisory board company value-based careAdvisory Board is a best practices firm that uses a combination of research, technology, and consulting to improve the performance of health care organizations around the world.

The company works with C-suite leaders of many of the nation’s top hospitals and health systems to address the issues that keep executives up at night – transitioning to value-based care, meeting the needs of a more engaged and informed consumer, implementation of new health policies, optimizing revenue cycle management, and delivering on population health. Yet journalists, many stakeholders and the general public remain largely unaware of the impact that Advisory Board has on shaping care delivery around the country. And for those who know about the firm, many incorrectly perceived it solely as a think tank or research consultancy. To address this disconnect, Advisory Board tasked The Reis Group with expanding and deepening its coverage in target media outlets, while also securing speaking engagements for key Advisory Board experts, thereby lifting their public perception from subject-matter specialists to national thought leaders and implementation partners.

Our team works closely with the Advisory Board’s communications team to develop an overarching strategic communications plan to promote their work in the evolving healthcare landscape.