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Environmental Scans PR Services

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At The Reis Group, our unique approach to environmental scanning in public relations goes beyond the basics. Our clients gain unexpected insights from our environmental scans, which identify factors inside and outside the organization that impact success. 

We analyze everything from current messaging and competitors to earned media coverage and social media presence for the organization and its issues. This provides a clear understanding of where the organization is now so we can design communications strategies to take clients where they want to go. 

TRG’s proven environmental scanning strategy simultaneously builds the narrative, increases awareness and bolsters credibility. It also helps to facilitate audience engagement, identify hot buttons, find common ground and address communications needs. 

Environmental Scan PR Solutions

Our environmental scanning solutions provide a deep dive into both internal and external insights you need to make smart decisions for successful marketing strategies. 

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    Marketing materials audit

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    Earned and social media audits

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    Competitor Analysis

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    In-depth interviews

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    Message testing

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    Message handbook development

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    Messaging skills training workshops

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    Executive media training

Environmental Scans Case Studies

Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

Beginning with an environmental scan, our team helped the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine bring together a coalition to address diagnostic errors. At first, other advocacy groups were hesitant to join this effort. But, our research and analysis uncovered barriers to participation and created messages that convinced 10 groups to join the new coalition. 

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) partnered with TRG to increase the use of interprofessional collaborative practice and education among its members. We found out from an environmental scan that members mistakenly thought they were already doing this. So, armed with a deeper understanding of the barriers, we helped ASHA come up with a clear definition and found language to explain benefits more effectively to members. 

Why Choose TRG for Your Environmental Scan?

In today’s dynamic PR world, staying informed is only the beginning. To succeed, you need to be proactive, understand shifting trends and anticipate challenges before they happen. That’s where TRG comes in, not just as consultants, but as an integral part of your team. We’re with you every step of the way to make sure your PR efforts are always aligned with the latest trends and insights. 

With our experience and thorough analysis, we’ll enhance your messaging to connect with your intended audience in light of current events and evolving perspectives. This ensures your communication is timely, relevant and really hits the mark. 

Ready to turn challenges into opportunities? Contact us today and let us be your guide to a smoother, more successful PR journey.