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Issues Management PR Services

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Dealing with a PR crisis? Managing complex reputation challenges? Our experienced issues management PR team helps associations, foundations, corporations and other nonprofits. We can navigate crises, bolster reputations and influence stakeholders through issues management strategy. 

Whether it’s restoring credibility to your organization, handling a media firestorm or transitioning a CEO, we are here for you. We’re your trusted partner in navigating the ever-changing landscape of issues management in public relations. 

Issues Management PR Solutions

Our comprehensive issues management services are designed to address a wide range of challenges. Our services include: 

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    Issues management strategy

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    Earned media strategy and outreach

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    Scenario planning and rapid response systems

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    Spokesperson training

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    Stakeholder activation

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    Digital strategy

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    Media monitoring and analysis

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    Environmental scanning

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    Influencer engagement

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    Materials development

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    Message testing

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    Social media monitoring and engagement

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    Social listening

Case Studies: Issues and Crisis Management In Public Relations 

These case studies highlight our expertise in navigating complex situations and guiding organizations through challenging transitions. Our team excels in crisis issues and reputation management, making sure we communicate effectively and use proactive strategies that rebuild public trust. 

We successfully transitioned a long-time beloved association CEO into a new role while introducing a new leader with no health care experience. This all happened while the association’s offices were moving from the suburbs into a major metropolitan city. 

Our crisis management PR team led organizational public crisis responses to federal investigations. This includes whistleblower complaints and accusations of fraud, malfeasance, and/or hostile work environments on behalf of several nonprofit organizations. 

We addressed concerns among stakeholders, customers and the public about the use of personal data and the potential impact of software technology on historically marginalized communities. Our aim was to build trust and ensure inclusivity.

We introduced a new strategic direction for a health system that included acquiring an organization whose employees were not supportive of the change. 

The Benefits of Hiring The Reis Group for Crisis, Issues and Reputation Management PR

We understand that navigating complex issues and handling your brand’s image can be tough. It calls for a dedicated team with, experience, an understanding of your industry and a proven track record of success. That’s why TRG is the perfect partner for your organization. 

We become an extension of your team, hitting the ground running and quickly understanding your unique challenges. 

We’ve successfully guided organizations through transitions, crises and complex stakeholder concerns, delivering measurable results. 

So, why choose TRG? Because we’re not just another crisis and issues management public relations firm. We’re your expert partner, your stress reliever, your roadmap to success. We’ll provide you with the tools and strategies to navigate the complexities of issues management, protect your reputation and achieve your goals – all while making your life easier. 

Don’t let issues dictate your story. Contact us today to learn how we can help protect your reputation and fuel your growth.