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We are a health care public relations agency based in Washington, D.C.

Spotlighting vital issues, organizations and individuals.



As an experienced health communications agency, we are passionate about making a positive difference in the world. We are committed to working with clients who are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our nation.

At our health care communications agency, our passion inspires us to come to work every day and gives us pride in what we do. Because your issues matter.

We are collaborators and view ourselves as partners who are an extension of your internal team and make your life easier. We dive deep into your issues and bring an in-depth understanding of health and health care to your initiatives to ensure that we make the greatest impact possible.

We have a reputation for excellence and have won many industry awards for our work. Our senior staff is immersed in every project. This ensures that each client receives high-quality service and deliverables that are on time, on budget and on message.

A few of our satisfied clients:

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Blue Shield of California Foundation Logo
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EAB Logo
The Healthy Collaborative Logo
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    Where our expertise shines

    Where Expertise Shines

    Increasing Awareness

    Integrated campaigns
    Patient education and awareness programs
    Physician and researcher engagement
    Earned media strategy and outreach
    Advocacy relations
    Coalition building
    Digital campaigns

    Building Credibility

    Thought leadership
    Executive positioning
    Patient education and awareness programs
    Physician and researcher engagement
    Earned media strategy and outreach
    Coalition building
    Digital campaigns

    Elevating Reputations and Issues

    Scenario planning and rapid response systems
    Issues monitoring and management
    Spokesperson message training
    Earned media strategy and outreach
    Digital strategy
    Social media monitoring and engagement
    Stakeholder activation
    Coalition building

    Promoting Science

    Earned media strategy and outreach
    Content development
    Spokesperson training and interview preparation
    Social media strategy and engagement
    Physician and researcher engagement
    Study promotion
    Clinical trial recruitment

    Positioning Issues and Brands

    Logo and tagline development
    Environmental scans
    Landscape analyses
    Thought leadership research
    Media audits
    Message development and testing
    Competitor and comparables analyses
    Social media listening


    Collaborative Opportunities

    Our health care PR firm represents:

    • Leading foundations
    • Medical societies
    • Associations
    • Health systems
    • Federal agencies
    • Coalitions
    • Universities
    • Research institutes
    • Corporations
    • Nonprofits
    High-Value National Media Campaigns

    High-Value National Media Campaigns

    Our health care public relations firm is dedicated to helping our clients make a positive change in the world. Through engaging with reporters covering health care, business, consumer and policy issues, we generate high-quality coverage that positively positions your organization and raises your national profile.
    Complex Science Promotion

    Complex Science Promotion

    Many of our clients work in highly technical, “science-heavy” areas. We assist them in bridging the gap between complex topics and the audiences who want to understand them.
    Effective Thought Leadership

    Effective Thought Leadership

    As health care continues to evolve, leaders in the industry must take action and develop a strong public relations strategy that reflects their organization’s mission, vision, and values. To achieve this goal successfully they should consider enlisting help from our dedicated health PR firm.
    High-level Message Training

    High-Level Message Training

    We have a tailored approach to train busy health care professionals, scientists, and senior leaders on how to communicate talking points about their work to stand out and be heard.
    Landscape Analyses

    Landscape Analyses

    With a thorough research-driven approach and an understanding of the competitive landscape, we can create an effective communication plan that resonates with both your internal and external audiences. This will enable us to measure the success of our efforts in meaningful ways.
    Consumer Education Campaigns

    Consumer Education Campaigns

    Our public education campaigns use multifaceted approaches to communicate important health information. This includes  thoughtfully crafted videos for patient education, tailored landing pages, tool kits, email newsletters, and more.
    Issues Management

    Issues Management

    We work closely with associations, foundations, corporations, and nonprofits to successfully manage important issues and bolster their reputations.


    Our team is the heart and soul of TRG.

    It is our thinking, knowledge, energy, and creativity that endear us to clients and set us apart from other health care communications firms.

    Our team thrives collectively and individually because we approach our work with shared values.



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    We give back to our community through volunteer and philanthropic support. This year, we are focused on helping the House of Ruth, a nonprofit organization that services more than 600 women and children who are survivors in Washington, D.C.

    We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team that reflects the communities we serve. We strive for inclusivity while also eliminating unconscious bias in our hiring process and workplace culture.

    We are dedicated to preserving the environment by choosing to work in a Leeds-certified building. We are also becoming more energy efficient and sustainable with our office equipment and supplies.

    Looking to boost your communications goals? The Reis Group has the resources and expertise you need. Connect with us today to start exploring how we can help!