Duke Integrative Medicine

Launching a New Leadership Program

The Challenge

As a national leader in the practice and research of integrative healthcare, Duke Integrative Medicine recognized that the potential to transform healthcare has never been greater. But achieving transformation and resolving the critical health issues facing our nation would require a new type of leader – one who has expertise in new approaches to healthcare, business acumen, and the leadership skills to advance change within their own organizations and far beyond.

Our Approach

Our team worked with Duke Integrative Medicine to establish and launch a leadership program aimed at developing a new type of healthcare leader — grounded in the philosophy and practice of integrative healthcare, and committed to putting the patient at the center of care.

We started by conducting message testing with key audiences to determine viability, cost, and content for the new program at Duke University. Applying the formative research findings, we successfully launched this new venture. To recruit potential participants, we used an integrated marketing communications approach that focused on profiling distinguished faculty and challenging curricula.

We promoted the program through a variety of channels to reach potential participants and decision-makers to support the new venture. We created a new website and bolstered social media platforms; built a listserv community; conducted earned media outreach and paid advertising; developed a coordinated content strategy; and exhibited at key stakeholder meetings.

The Results

In three years, the program has successfully enrolled three cohorts and has surpassed Duke’s application goals. It has brought together world-renowned experts in integrative healthcare, developed a curriculum focusing on integrative strategies, and produced nearly 90 graduates who have returned to their organizations with a detailed roadmap, prepared to lead and embrace a new vision of healthcare.