Integrative Healthcare

Establishing and marketing a new program

leadership-program-in-integrative-healthcare-at-duke-universityOur team worked with Duke Integrative Medicine to establish and launch a pioneering leadership program aimed at developing a new type of healthcare leader — a high-ranking medical professional who is firmly grounded in the philosophy of integrative healthcare. We conducted an environmental scan on this issue, and then applied our key learnings to recommend positioning, messaging, and marketing approaches for the yearlong combined in-person and distance-based leadership development and mentoring program

Focusing on profiling Duke’s world-renowned faculty and innovative curricula, we promoted the program through a variety of channels to reach potential participants and decision-makers who would be responsible for approving tuition costs. We created a new website and bolstered social media platforms; built an email listserv; conducted a direct mail campaign, along with earned media outreach and paid advertising; developed a coordinated content strategy; and exhibited at key stakeholder meetings. The program has successfully enrolled three cohorts and has surpassed Duke’s application goals every year.