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Passion Points: What Drives You?

Tamara Moore   June 27, 2017  

Health care PR, particularly in these politically turbulent and uncertain times, has become a 24/7 business. You’re expected to be supernaturally connected to your smartphone, your email, and all the key websites of the instantaneously changing news cycle. Not only is this unrealistic; it’s unwise, and even unhealthy. Research shows that a myopic and hyper-vigilant focus on work actually can lead to diminished productivity and reduced creativity. At The Reis Group, we encourage every team member to strive for balance: Embrace your passion. Get out of the office. Get to know something about each other beyond their coffee order.

As a working mom, my passion is my family. My favorite time of day is any minute the four of us are together – whether we’re acting out some wild scenario that my four-year-old has dreamed up, finding (or making) puddles to jump in, or having a dance party. This family time truly allows me to recharge, refocus, and get a better grasp on what’s really important to me.

The conveniences of a modern, progressive office with flex schedules, tele-work and relaxed summer hours allow our team to embrace our professional and personal passions in equal measure.

These passion-points are a source of creative energy. They’re what drive us to keep going at the end of a hard day. They excite us, spurring our most imaginative moments. And give us sharper focus, keeping our attention through long meetings.

These personal preferences and individual passions – whether it’s coffee, fitness, travel, photography, storytelling, wellbeing, psychology or politics – allow each of us to be more. Our team chemistry is the heart and soul of The Reis Group. It is our thinking, knowledge, energy and creativity that endear us to – and inspire loyalty from – our clients, set us apart from other firms, and create a fun and supportive culture.

We do more than “show up.” We push ourselves beyond what’s expected to be at the top of our game. This collective inner drive connects each individual with our broader culture.

We work hard. We play hard. For our clients, and for ourselves.

Take a look at our passion points:

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