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Thriving in an Uncertain Health Care Environment | O’Dwyer’s

Staff   October 11, 2017  

The unpredictable policy seesaw we are experiencing with the new Administration and Congress appears to be having a tangible impact on the lives of health care communications professionals, and not just those focused on policy.

To learn more about how the uncertain health care environment is affecting workloads and to understand how communications experts are preparing for 2018, Sharon and Tamara surveyed members of the Public Relations Society of America and shared their findings in the October 2017 issue of O’Dwyer’s magazine.

Below are five key areas to focus on in the coming year.

  • Grow your organization’s social media presence
  • Prepare to respond to emerging issues
  • Build content-marketing expertise
  • Seek new groups to partner with on outreach
  • Do more with limited resources
Download the full article and find out if your team is ready to meet the new demands.


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