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Elevating Reputations

Want to get to know us better? Read our passionate perspectives on the latest communications trends, health care issues, workplace challenges and life goals.

Crisis Communications: Knowing when to Rip Off the Band-Aid

May 7, 2024
Planning can provide playbook for successful issues management When a crisis arises, it is tempting to try to stonewall, responding only to what reporters and the public already know, hoping to limit the damage by keeping all the details out of view. But as Kate Middleton and the British Royal Family painfully learned, this strategy […]

Taking the Pulse of Health Care Policy

October 2, 2023
In the world of health care public relations, we are tasked with staying up to date with industry trends, elevating reputations and developing earned media plans. As a Washington D.C.-based agency, we have the advantage of being close to policy action so we can keep tabs on what our clients need to know about the […]

How to Conquer Zoom: Webinar Edition

August 10, 2023
Since the start of COVID-19, we all experienced a mass migration into the virtual world. Over time, as America’s businesses and organizations are moving to a hybrid work environment, it’s still clear that Zoom is here to stay. Realizing that this would be our new normal, The Reis group has concentrated on how to maintain—and […]

Bridge To Success: Enhancing Media Outreach by Building Connections

April 13, 2023
We come across bridges in our everyday lives, and rarely think about them; that was me, until I started working in public relations. Now, every time I see one, I think of how it relates to our work in media outreach. As public relations professionals, we are often tasked with elevating the reputations of our […]

Calm in the Storm: Five Tips to Stay Cool in Crisis Communications

September 21, 2022
Calm in the Storm: Five Tips to Stay Cool in Crisis Communications By the nature of our jobs, health care public relations agencies are often called on to provide communications counsel and identify how to act during a crisis. We’re also expected to remain calm under pressure. But that isn’t easy – especially when a […]

The Three Ps for a Successful Presentation

April 12, 2022
In the world of health care public relations agencies, presentations take on many forms – sharing findings from environmental scans and landscape analyses, presenting patient education and awareness programs, and providing updates on thought leadership efforts to name a few. This can be a daunting task for those of us who aren’t natural public speakers, […]

Deploying an Unexpectedly Powerful Tool in Public Relations: Empathy

January 12, 2022
Public relations and communications professionals have many skills in our toolboxes that we develop and refine over our careers. One of the most important—and one of the least discussed—is the power of empathy. It could be called a skill sharpener because it can make every other tool we deploy more effective. Seeing the world from […]

Are You Prepared in Case of an Emergency?

January 24, 2020
Does your organization have a plan in place to respond to an emerging issue like a negative media article, a major reorganization or a controversial legal matter? According to a recent PR News article, PR pros anticipate a rise in crisis communications as we enter the new decade and it’s important that your organization not […]


December 16, 2016
Introducing yourself in a meeting seems easy enough. Then why do so many people fail to make the most of it, and sometimes even leave a bad impression? Some people talk incessantly about all their experience and accomplishments in what ends up putting off rather than impressing their listeners. Others give only the bare minimum, […]

Four Tips for Successful Leaders

December 1, 2016
Focus. Confidence. Integrity. Passion. These are key qualities of effective leaders, as outlined in a highly useful presentation at a recent Public Relations Society of America luncheon in Charlotte, N.C. Establishing yourself as a leader is vital to building your role on your team, and advancing your career to the next level. It’s something that […]