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Want to get to know us better? Read our passionate perspectives on the latest communications trends, health care issues, workplace challenges and life goals.

Taking the Pulse of Health Care Policy

October 2, 2023
In the world of health care public relations, we are tasked with staying up to date with industry trends, elevating reputations and developing earned media plans. As a Washington D.C.-based agency, we have the advantage of being close to policy action so we can keep tabs on what our clients need to know about the […]

5 Tips for Growing into Your New Role at Work

September 13, 2023
After graduating college and starting my first full-time salaried position last May, I was excited to learn the ins and outs of health care public relations. My managers and peers have truly taken me under their wing, and everyone has been an amazing mentor and resource. On top of that, we frequently hold office-wide professional […]

How to Conquer Zoom: Webinar Edition

August 10, 2023
Since the start of COVID-19, we all experienced a mass migration into the virtual world. Over time, as America’s businesses and organizations are moving to a hybrid work environment, it’s still clear that Zoom is here to stay. Realizing that this would be our new normal, The Reis group has concentrated on how to maintain—and […]

Four considerations to integrate AI into your health care PR practices

July 12, 2023
For the public relations industry, as for nearly every sector right now, artificial intelligence remains largely an unknown. AI’s ethical use is hotly debated. Its capability to accelerate our work is unmatched. Yet none of us can fully comprehend the impact it will have on health care PR practices or on health care overall. In […]

TRG’s 7th Year: Learning the inner workings of our health care system—from a new perspective

June 15, 2023
I have worked in health care public relations for more than 25 years and this June marks the seventh anniversary of TRG, the company I founded in 2016. Over these years, I have represented hospitals and health systems, medical societies, research institutes, and foundations spanning all sectors of the health care system. I’ve promoted scientific […]

The Role of a Commentary in Earned Media Outreach

May 16, 2023
In the big, fast-moving world of health care communications, there’s such a flood of news and information that it can seem almost impossible to make your client’s voice stand out above the noise of the crowd. But it’s more important than ever to try to find ways for their voice to be heard, which is […]

How PR Can Make a Meaningful Public Health Impact

May 9, 2023
Everyone has their own unique career journey. As a recent grad who just last year received my master’s in Public Health, I may not be the typical person you might think would be working at a PR agency. Public health is an incredibly broad field – some of my colleagues are tracking infectious diseases or […]

Bridge To Success: Enhancing Media Outreach by Building Connections

April 13, 2023
We come across bridges in our everyday lives, and rarely think about them; that was me, until I started working in public relations. Now, every time I see one, I think of how it relates to our work in media outreach. As public relations professionals, we are often tasked with elevating the reputations of our […]

Nourishing your Social Media Campaigns

March 23, 2023
Your organization has worked hard and just finished preparing new resources, and you are excited for your audience to begin using them. You’ve posted all the new material on your website, but when you check your traffic, you don’t see the spike in page visits that you were expecting. It turns out that most of […]

Banishing the Wooden Lead: Three Ways to Make PR Writing More Engaging

March 2, 2023
One of the worst sins when I was in journalism school was to write a “wooden lead.” The grizzled—or should I say seasoned—editors who taught newswriting and editing at the University of Oklahoma would scowl at empty words at the top of a news story, crossing out one, two or even three dull opening paragraphs, […]