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MACRA | Another Step in Reforming Care Delivery

October 17, 2016
On Friday, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the much-anticipated final rule on the Quality Payment Program (QPP), which is part of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 – better known as MACRA. This rule is 2,200 pages (a length that surprises no one familiar with CMS rules) and […]

Write Like You Talk — and 5 Other Unorthodox Writing Tips

October 12, 2016
Clients hire PR firms to tell their stories.  Accurately. Interestingly. Powerfully. It’s not easy work, so that’s why they pay someone else to do it. To be successful, PR professionals can’t just go through the motions. With each project, we must tell stories in a compelling enough way to attract the attention of key audiences, […]

Sharon Reis Named 2016 Finalist in the WWPR Annual Women of the Year Award

October 7, 2016
Sharon Reis, principal of The Reis Group, has been named a finalist in Washington Women in Public Relations’ (WWPR) 27th annual Women of the Year award. The award celebrates the accomplishments of women who are raising the bar in public relations. “We’re thrilled to honor Sharon Reis as a Woman of the Year finalist in […]

Make Vacation a Priority – for Your Health

September 13, 2016
As summer winds down, the days become shorter, kids head back to school, and the morning rush hour traffic picks up. By now, many of us are wistfully reflecting on those precious days this summer that weren’t crammed with meetings or deadlines, but instead were filled with hours on the beach holding delicious fruity drinks […]

Broadcast Prep: Getting Your Organization Ready

August 17, 2016
Recently, our firm had the privilege of working with some high-profile scientific clients to film two ambitious documentaries and a substantial evening broadcast feature story. Doing so reminded me just how much preparation goes into these earned media story formats and how much time the client needs to allocate before the film crew, producers and […]

5 Tips to Building a Strong Media Monitoring Methodology

August 11, 2016
Content is everywhere. It’s printed, uploaded, and broadcast through a vast array of media on a daily if not hourly basis.  So how are you ensuring that your media monitoring program is getting through the noise and capturing everything? Follow these five tips for maintaining a methodical approach to news and social media monitoring. Tip […]

The Mechanics of a Mesmerizing Event

July 29, 2016
As a Republican attending my first Democratic National Convention, my experience being in the hall was very much different than watching it on TV. The ambiance of the entire week culminated in one single moment. The pageantry, participation and execution were brilliant, and we know that was the result of hard work by teams of […]

Politically Speaking: What Can A Good Speech Teach Us?

July 27, 2016
Whether you are a political junky live-streaming convention coverage all day or just a casual observer catching up via morning-digest emails, it’s worth the effort for PR pros and business leaders to study what makes a political speech effective. Political figures have the advantages of teams of writers, voice coaches, teleprompters, and hours of practice, […]

Preparing Your Spokesperson for Media Interviews

July 20, 2016
An important element to an impactful news story is the human element which is why more and more reporters are incorporating the experiences of a spokesperson to enhance their story. While a subject matter expert voice is important and helps to provide important information and create credibility, a consumer spokesperson’s first-hand experience can help a story […]

Measurement Tactics: Improving Messaging & Engagement

July 8, 2016
In a crowded online space, social media posts require targeted messaging and visuals to reach and engage your desired audience.  In order to gain traction with consumers, brands must understand what motivates and influences them, and produce content that is helpful and relatable. By utilizing measurement tools, brands can get a better sense of what […]